Our Mission

Helping clients:

  1. Obtain complex and contentious permits.
  2. Avoid and resolve environmental concerns.
  3. Justify dismissal of appeals and legal challenges.
  4. Provide expert opinions in litigation.
  5. Manage, analyze, and report permit compliance data.
  6. Eliminate avoidable environmental expenses.
  7. Provide expert science comments on proposed statutes and regulations.

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Applied Ecosystem Services - About Us

Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. has been in business since 1993 successfully addressing complex environmental needs of our clients, primarily in the natural resource industries (agriculture, energy, forestry, mining) and attorneys practicing environmental, natural resource, water, and land use law.

Unlike large consultancies offering all services to all clients, we specialize in assisting clients in avoiding, and effectively resolving, environmental concerns raised by regulators and others,environmental data management and analysis, document review for scientific soundness, consulting and testifying expert witness support of litigation, environmental management systems (based on ISO 14001 and the Equator Principle), permitting, and effective communications to non-technical decision-makers, particularly with complex and highly contentious projects.