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Applied Ecosystem Services, LLC has been in business since 1993 successfully addressing complex environmental needs of clients , primarily in the natural resource industries, and attorneys practicing environmental, natural resource, water, and land use law.


Unlike environmental consultants who offer all services to all clients, I apply my experiences and expertise to assist clients by:


Clients hire me because they value...



Over the past 35 years I have established expertise in many areas of environmental science and ecology. It is common for issues and concerns to involve more than one of these areas because they are tightly integrated in natural ecosystems.


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Practice Areas

Clean Water Act. Endangered Species Act. Aquatic Ecology. Hydrology. Environmental Chemistry. Aquatic Biota. Fish. Wildlife. Environmental Data Analyses. Streams/Rivers. Lakes/Reservoirs. Dams. Watersheds ...

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Markets served

Natural resource industries interact with natural ecosystems, sometimes causing adverse impacts on them. Infrequently there are also potential impacts to humans. These conditions raise concerns by regulators that need to be avoided or efficiently and effectively resolved.

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